about Us


A little Something about Us

Together our team and Dee have years of experience in providing exceptional customer service to their clients.

Dee having previously run a high end cleaning business knows how imperative it is to be hands on and to lead her team by example. Dee understands the importance of confidentiality and professionalism having had experience with high profile clientele whilst being Warner Brothers preferred supplier. We believe everybody deserves a little bit of luxury Think Luxury Think Luxe

The Luxe Way

Our Quality
All our Domestic Consultants will offer our clients the best possible service. Through a telephone conversation, an email exchange or Luxe cleaning service itself, our staff appreciates that providing quality to all our client’s means they will keep coming back and tell all their friends. It’s in our greatest interest to always offer the very best quality.
Our Reliability
We want all our clients to be able to lean on luxe service as a provider that they know they can trust and depend on. This means we will keep to our commitments and dependability at all times, with our clients always coming first. We will show loyalty through always being on time. Luxe is a business that has invested in all our team members through education and training giving you our client’s excellence every time. We understand the value of being reliable.
Our Consistency
Luxe Professional Cleaning Services will at all time offer consistency in everything we deliver. We are consistent performers; all our team members are monitored and re-trained where necessary to offer clients the same service with each visit. Consistency is how we can establish trust and goodwill with our clients. That’s why we use our quality control checklist that will give a consistent performance in all our services
Our Honesty
We understand when you are hiring a cleaning service it requires a leap of faith. We want all our clients to know that they can trust and depend on us with all their most precious belongings. Our trustworthiness is a very important part of our mission to deliver confidence to all our clients. We diligently reference check all our team members to ensure they understand the value of honesty. Our team members are trained and sign off privacy and confidentially agreements to ensure honesty is maintained at all times. Further, clients can trust us with honest reporting and accurate billing. Should a breakage occur, clients could expect a call from us right away? We want our clients to know everything pertaining to their service with us.